One Stop Shop

Our business model represents simple concept based on the idea of one stop shop for everything related to house and home, where vision, strategic planning and results-focused management blended together.

It's a vivid realization of our design realty concierge service dedicated to variety of home improvements, management and marketing of residential properties, as well as our vision and guidelines of what and where to buy on the current market to live in and to be happy as an investor.


We love what we do and we love to make people happier year after year. We are not just realtors - we are thinkers and innovators, and you are in a cool company.

Toronto is North America’s fourth-largest city and business hub of Canada


Sergey Orlov




7620 Yonge St., Unit 400, Thornhill, ON, Canada, L4J1V9


P: 416.218.8800
F: 416.218.8807