Scott Dickson imagined Toronto skyline in near future. It is stunning. Using statistics digests, researching where the buildings belong their elevation and Photoshop, he created this amazing image of TO in a decade. His skyline hobby is about celebrating the best of Toronto. Click on image to view fine details.


As of May 2017 Toronto and Victoria, Canada, are world's "hottest" luxury real estate markets: Toronto and Victoria, B.C. are the world’s “hottest” markets for luxury homes as investors flock to Canada for its political and economic stability, according to a new report from Christie’s International Real Estate, BNN informed

April 2017 statistic: the latest Toronto Real Estate Board data showed the average selling price in March surged 33.2 per cent year-over-year to reach $916,567. That marked an acceleration in price growth after the 27.7 per cent year-over-year rise in February that sparked a renewed wave of concerns about housing affordability across the Greater Toronto Area. The average selling price of a detached property in the city of Toronto hit $1,561,780 in March — 32.8 per cent more than a year earlier. The total value of all home sold in a month was $11.1 billion.


Trend nowadays is not to build bigger, but to build better. More houses come equipped with solar-ready features and electric car plug-ins... However, what will be in demand forever are great interiors. Personally, we love the world of Charles:



This is one of a kind handmade “Liberty”, which is created in Art Deco style by a smith who is well-known in Canada and the USA. We highly recommend his service for our valued clients: click here and view this famous smith’s wrought iron masterpieces, as featured on CNN.

In every October beautiful Canadian fall is coming and in this season you are exciting with your new condo suite you just moved in. Congratulations! Now time to install on your accent wall new LED fireplace and celebrate with friends. To amaze them visit one of a fireplace boutiques in the city, for example this one:

Summer heat: the average selling price for all homes in the GTA surged 16.8 per cent to $746,546 in June, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board. However, that figure masks even more remarkable gains for the most sought-after properties: the average price for detached homes in the city of Toronto rose 19.6 per cent to $1,259,486.


Attention developers, builders and renovators

Electric vehicle chargers in garage now considered as must to be great feature. Or at least wiring for fast EV chargers in home’s garages. Be the first to impress your buyers. We will mention it in MLS, when listed.



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