TD Bank is offering a highly discounted variable mortgage rate as competition among Canada's biggest lenders heats up. The Toronto-based bank said Tuesday it's lowering its five-year variable closed rate to 2.45 per cent, or 1.15 per cent lower than its TD Mortgage Prime rate, until May 31.

2018 trends in real estate? It’s the biggest test (stress) and most significant challenge since 2008. Around 12% people will fail to be qualify for mortgages, 45% of those with mortgages will renew in 2018 with new rates. In demand low end and high end properties, all in the middle stagnated. Builders slows to build. There’s almost 300,000 units overall that are approved and not yet built. The average price in downtown Toronto for a new launch is $1,200 a square foot.

Summary for spring 2018: the volume of transactions remains relatively low in the Toronto area compare with 2016 and first half of 2017. Sellers are going to have to come down to reality. All sold statistic depends on the kind of property and its location. Those buyers in financial services and tech industry are willing to spend for good deals, especially within walking distance for work or a short transit ride. Prices of $1M-$1.5M are still competitive.

Mortgage rates are up, taxes are up and people start buying smaller. There’s a huge lack of new family-sized condos and apartments in Toronto. At the same time there are still lots of single family homes in suburbs with real backyards. For family oriented people (if they qualify for $600K-$800K) we would suggest to buy now, when prices not as high as in Toronto established neighbourhoods, especially if there are public transit (Go train) nearby.


Bank of Montreal is wooing homebuyers with a variable mortgage rate with the biggest discount ever by a large Canadian bank. BMO known for its spring mortgage specials is offering a five-year variable rate of 2.45 per cent until the end of May -- 1 percentage point below its prime rate.


Trend nowadays is not to build bigger, but to build better. More houses come equipped with solar-ready features and electric car plug-ins... However, what will be in demand forever are great interiors. Personally, we love the world of Charles:


This one of a kind hand crafted “Liberty” was created in Art Deco style by a smith who is well-known in Canada and in US not only among rich and famous. Oleg is our client and friend and we highly recommend his wrought iron art for our valued clients: click here and view this famous smith’s wrought iron masterpieces, as featured on CNN.

Scott Dickson imagined Toronto skyline in near future. It is stunning. Using statistics digests, researching where the buildings belong their elevation and Photoshop, he created this amazing image of TO in a decade. His skyline hobby is about celebrating the best of Toronto. Click on image to view fine details.


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